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Red Resource: Red Coach

#1. Let’s start with SEO – Search Engine Optimization. You say that you want to be known for these phrases: Professional Coaching, Executive Coaching, Work Performance Coaching, Workplace Coaching. However, the only phrase I see consistently throughout your website is Work Performance Coaching. According to Overture’s keyword tool, 465 people searched on this phrase last month; but if I type that phrase into Google, your site is rated #11 (page 2) of the results. There are many other SEO techniques that you are not using which could move you to page 1 of the results. If you want more traffic through search engines, you’ll need to significantly bolster the SEO work on your site.

#2. The About page. I expected it to be all about the services you offer. Instead, one-third of it talks generally about coaching services and two-thirds talks about you. Keep in mind the well-known “marketing test” of any website: What’s In It For Me? (WIIFM). Visitors want you to focus on them, not on you. They want to know that you understand their needs, challenges and dreams, and that you offer a specific approach to getting what they want. I would recommend that you move some of your “Want To Do Your Job Better?” text and your “Want To Be Your Best Self At Work?” text to the About page. (It might help to remember that pages titled “About” are almost always about the company or individual who is the owner of the site. Perhaps a better navigation title for this page would be “Coaching,” not “About.”) In fact, I would create a new navigation at the top called “Coaching” and move the “Costs” section under “Coaching.” The new navigation across the top would then be: Home, Coaching, About, Contact.

#3. Testimonials. I like that you have testimonials scattered throughout your site. However I noticed that they are not on every page. In addition, is there any way to use full names instead of the client’s initials? Using a person’s full name attached to their testimonial leads to a deeper sense of trust. Also consider highlighting these testimonials in some way so that they stand out from the main text.

#4. Color. I found the white text on a black background very difficult to read. I know you’re going for a specific “look and feel” with your black and red color choices, but ease-of-reading must be a consideration if you want people to stick around your site. In addition, red and black are associated with these emotions

  • Red — excitement, strength, sex, passion, speed, danger
  • Black — sophistication, elegance, seductive, mystery
Are these adjectives part of the brand and image you’re trying to portray?

#5. Your Coaching Page. First, it’s too long. Second, it’s too complicated. Third, it needs formatting help. Consider condensing it, taking out anything that’s not necessary for your visitors. Focus on the actual benefits of coaching to an individual and to a company, and how coaching sessions work. Remember: WIIFM.

#6. Logo. I found this logo very distracting. I had to wait for it to change from “Red Resource” to “Red Coach,” and I never got to see the full name of your business in this banner area – Red Resource: Red Coach. If you don’t already have one, I suggest you get a logo for your business that includes your full business name. Also, there is no need for the website address in the top left corner of your site; they’re already on your site. Instead, use the entire banner area to help brand you and your business.

#7. Page Not Found – Stranding Prospects. When someone types in the address to a page on your site that does not exist or when an internal link within your site is broken, it is called a 404 Error. That means the page cannot be found. For your site, your “Page Not Found” page is blank. This leaves your visitor, a potential customer stranded with nowhere to go. This is a fine time to use a custom 404 error page which would either give the user worthwhile information and a means to click back to your site and/or simply redirect the user to your home page.

#8. Contact Page. You indicate that the purpose of your website is to help prospects find and contact you. However, on your site, prospects have to work hard to contact you. While you do have a contact page, it is complicated and intimidating.

Making a prospect answer numerous questions is off-putting. A confused mind always says no and does not act. In addition, the phone number is hidden at the bottom of the contact page and no indication is given as to the general geographic location of your business so people don’t know where you are located.

#9. Contact Information. In addition to improving the contact page itself, it pays to have your contact information visible on every page of your site. At a minimum, have a way for prospects to contact you via email on every page within your site. Ideally, include your phone number in the footer as well. Even if you simply have an “Email Us” or “Contact Us” link on the footer of each page, it minimizes the effort and resistance a potential customer feels when they get the urge to learn more and contact you.

#10. Design Consistency and Ease of Use. As already mentioned, the white text on black background with bright red bolded text is very difficult to read and deters visitors from reading and learning more. Your site uses an external stylesheet (CSS) to keep the formatting consistent across the site which is a good “best practice.” However, the use of bold red to emphasize words and then the regular red with underline to indicate links is very confusing. I found myself hovering over red words everywhere, hoping they would link to more information — but they did not. Consider reworking the color and design scheme in a way that enhances readability, makes it clear what is/is not a link while maintaining the brand.

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3 Responses to “Rate My Site: RedResource.com”

  1. Susan

    If it was my site, I would move the subscription box higher on the page. I almost didn’t see it hidden down in the bottom left hand corner.


    04 Nov 2007 at 1:36 am

  2. Georgia Smith

    Ouch! My eyes cross and get tired when I try to read the white-on-black text. Maybe if it was a bigger text? Its hard on the eyes.

    The colors don’t make me feel good. I don’t feel comfortable on the site with those colors. Maybe I’m not a typical client that Heather would work with? Men might like the site but the colors are too aggressive for me. It’s weird too because what Heather writes is nice and I feel like she offers a good services, something I might want to do. I like the picture of Heather, though. 🙂

    05 Nov 2007 at 1:39 pm

  3. Anonymous

    As a geek the color scheme calls to me somewhat (we like working in dark rooms without burning our eyes out from a monitor, but green text works better in that context).

    The about page does go a bit much towards CV status and the bullets just don’t work. Two summary paragraphs that summarize work and education is more than enough information. I actually got bored browsing the bullets!!

    17 Nov 2007 at 10:18 pm

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