93% of Cyber Attacks Are on Home Computers

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For the self-employed, keeping our own (and our customer’s) data secure is a necessary requirement to doing business.

Accoring to this article on MSNBC, “…during the last half of 2006, 93 percent of all targeted attacks were aimed at home machines. ID thieves know many of us store sensitive data, such as banking information, on our computers. They also know we often get careless when it comes to security.”

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you store bank or credit card information on your PC (either your own or your clients’)?
  2. Do you store login IDs and passwords on your PC?
  3. Do you have any software in place to help prevent identity theft?
  4. Are you aware of the common identity theft scams?
  5. If you store bank or credit card information, or login IDs and passwords, on paper, do you have this paper locked up? How do you dispose of this paper?

I suggest you read the above article, as well as listen to John Gontowicz’s teleclass on identity theft and the self employed:


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