When Social Media Really Works

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A few months ago,  I posted a note on my Facebook page about how our cat brought a dead mouse into the house, got chased around by us (looking like idiots), and eventually dropped the dead mouse in the cat toy box alongside her catnip toys.

My peeps loved that note and shared so many stories of the cool things their cats have done (with and without dead critters).

It was a great non-business, non-marketing post — just a funny story I wanted to share. I got THREE emails from people who had seen or commented about that post, thanking me for it, and asking me if I had any openings for private clients. One person even said, “If you have six cats, you’re my kind of business coach!” (Kitties got an extra treat that night for giving me the funny story, too.)

It’s not just the “here is what I offer in my business” posts that get attention. When we’re acting real, authentic, human…people can see and touch us in a new way. And we get to connect so beautifully with our clients and students, really communicating about ALL that matters to us in our worlds.

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Meeting Great People

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This weekend, I had the pleasure to speak at the NSA Mid-Atlantic chapter’s full day internet marketing intensive in Philadelphia. What a great way to meet other small business owners, learn new information, and share ideas!

Tom Gray was the keynote speaker, and gave a wonderful overview of Web 2.0 marketing. Other speakers included Rick (“don’t call me Richard”) Simmons, Sally Witt and Steve Coscia. They spoke about how they have promoted their own businesses with techniques ranging from blogging to social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) to selling products on the internet. I gave two presentation on driving traffic to your site through search engine optimization (free search engine ranking techniques) and online ads with Adwords (paid search placement).

During the panel discussion at the end of the day, the audience asked us many questions. One of the most important points to come out during that discussion is that internet marketing (happily) is not a one-size-fits-all marketing tactic. There are so many ways to use internet marketing and social media marketing, you get to choose which ones fit your style and fit your audience. AND you don’t have to be a techie to partiicpate!

Going to one of these full-day events is a great way to meet people! But if there aren’t events like this close to you, remember that you can meet great people online through LinkedIn, Facebook and your blog. In 2009, all business and all marketing is about “making connections” … and internet marketing and social media lets you make them with ease.

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