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So you've been in business for a while now and you want to grow your business to the next level. Wise move.

Now is the time to think strategically -- and create a business and marketing plan that leverages your time and money to create the next-level business for you.

Business Planning & Marketing Strategy Programs

There are 7 places in a business model where you can expand and improve. Do you need to change your marketing? Or maybe adding a new service or product will boost your bottom line? Or find a way to be more efficient and strategic?

Using my exclusive Compass Model, you will explore the areas of highest growth potential in your business, beef up your marketing, get more clients, and increase profits.

What Topics Can We Cover?

Through my exclusive, topic-specific small business coaching & consulting programs, you can grow your business by focusing on the most important aspects for your business.

What Clients Say...

Julie Cohen

When I started working with Karyn as my coach she asked me 'Are you sure you can handle all the new business that will come your way?'

I was a bit skeptical when she made that comment, but she was right! I've hired an assistant and am also looking for additional support to effectively manage my business at this new level.

—Julie Cohen, PCC
Owner, Julie Cohen Coaching

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