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Wow! What a packed learning program it was this evening! I should have known…with you speaking, and on such an interesting topic!! You did an outstanding job on our virtual community call this evening! On behalf of the ICF Virtual Community, I extend a sincere thank you for presenting your information on "Creating Coaching Websites that GRAB Attention!" at our community call. Thank you for bringing and sharing your passion, enthusiasm, insights, and experience to our call and learning this evening.

Your presentation was well done and to the point, with information that helped to illustrate the key learnings. Your expertise and passion for this topic were evident, and certainly helped to carry your message to the coaches on the call. The information and ideas that you presented to us certainly will help us to create and design our websites, and also redesign the ones we currently have for our business; in order to showcase us and our business in the best light, and help us to be successful.

Again, thank you for sharing with us Karyn. We're appreciative of your commitment and contribution to coaching, and to the development of our coaching communities worldwide.

Elizabeth Vieira-Richard

On behalf of NAPO-GPC, I want to thank you again for such a wonderful presentation on marketing plans. The information you provided was so valuable and relevant for our industry. The evaluations I got back were amazing; everyone loved you and felt you were the best speaker we've had in the past two years. Thanks again for a fabulous job!
—Dawn Garcia, National Association of Professional Organizers, Greater Philadelphia Chapter (NAPO-GPC)

WHEW! I loved it! That was an awesome, energetic teleclass - really on point for me today.

Thank you for presenting at the Chicago ICF Chapter yesterday. We consistently heard it was the best presentation we ever had, loaded with value. Your ratings were all 5's of 5's! One of our program committee members said if she had paid $100 for the session, she would have still felt she received tremendous value! —Meg Herman, Chicago ICF Chapter

People are still talking about your presentation here – one of the best of the year.
—Marth Eskew, Georgia Coach Association

Karyn's presentation was really timely and packed with helpful information.

On behalf of the Philadelphia Area Coaches Alliance Executive Board and membership, I would like to extend our sincere thanks for a very informative, enjoyable, and fun keynote.  Your preparation and knowledge of your material was apparent, and your enthusiasm and connection with the audience were the added value that made your keynote a huge success. —Gerrie Dresser, Philadelphia Area Coaches Association (PACA)

Karyn is an awesome Goddess of Cyber Savvy. Sidle up to her in a friendly fashion and she will generously share with you her techie secrets. —Bellruth Naperstek, HealthJourneys

An attendee told me that you gave TONS of great info. She was so psyched from hearing you, she ran over to Kinkos that afternoon and registered a new domain name she was thinking about! And on the bus to the airport another attendee said that even though she considered herself fairly savvy computer-wise, she picked up about a half dozen "really great things" from your talk. —Barry Zweibel, ICF Conference Coordinator

Thanks so much for the fantastic Internet Marketing presentation! The participants really appreciated it. —Linnea Blair

Advisors on Target Small Business Conference, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
Your program was our highest rated ever. The comments were all superlative and several people have already asked us to bring you back. You provided enormous value for our members. —Pat McCann, Chicago ICF Chapter

Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and inspiration to the PACA group last night!!! It was fun and fundamental. Several people commented that "that was worth the price of dinner!" And that was just for one comment you made - the whole package was valued at much more. Personally I know I came away with A LOT of really good stuff to get me moving. —Patricia Kilganon, Philadelphia Area Coaches Alliance

You were terrific, playful and kept it honest and simple. Kudos! —Lana Vanucchi, NJ Coach Association

I attended your presentation, Taming the Technology Tiger, at the ICF Conference in Atlanta, GA. I walked into your session knowing virtually nothing about how to get my computer and my website to work for me. I was so impressed and excited about all the information that you delivered in that seminar that I ordered a tape of the presentation which I have listened to at least 5 times. At the time of the seminar, I was totally unsophisticated as related to computers and websites. By the information in your seminar was so powerful that it provided the catalyst for me to "come into the modern world" with the use of my computer. But even more exciting, your presentation provided me the information and motivation I needed to create a completely new website and launch my exciting new University. —Donna Daisy

I can't believe how generous you have been to answer each of our individual questions. Thank you! Thank you! —Diane Krause-Stetson

Thank you so much for the fantastic meeting tonight. I can't believe the amount of information that was imparted in such a short period of time. —Kimberly Bryant

I wanted to congratulate you and thank you for offering us this amazing teleconference. I believe this has been the best one I have attended so far. You are so generous and positive, your comments and website are of amazing support. I have already mentioned you as a reference in my marketing coaching teleclass, and some people backed me up on the fact that, Karyn, you are amazing. —Geraldine Morel

Thank you for your professional follow through. As a result of your presentation, I have come back to work and established a new coaching only website. You were inspirational! —Anne Rarich

Thanks once again for your marvelous workshop at the ICF conference in Denver. Now, I have focus. All thanks to you. —Eric Sohn

Just wanting to thank you for your thorough, knowledgeable and informative presentation. I've been working with the web since 1996, do web architecture and web copy with high tech companies—and I learned terrific new things from you. —Linda Kolker

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