Designing a 90-Minute Marketing Plan That Gets Results

The time you spend planning your marketing campaign is an investment into your future success!

There are two problems with marketing plans:

  1. People feel marketing planning is too overwhelming (so they avoid doing it altogether)
  2. People aren't getting much success out of the ones they do create (and they can’t figure out why)

In this audio, we discuss a step-by-step process to craft a successful marketing plan that will take you just 90 minutes to write.

90 Minute Marketing Plans

1-hour audio file (MP3 format)
and PDF workbook downloadable.

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Plus a PDF handout with resources just for you.

In addition to the downloadable audio training program, you'll also receive an electronic Planning Guide workbook in PDF format.

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Karyn's Comments

Karyn Greenstreet

When I was starting my first business, I read a lot of books on marketing and how to create marketing plans and marketing campaigns. The problem was, they didn't really apply to my self-employed "micro" business. (They kept referring to "your marketing manager" as the person who should do the tasks...Ha! Not only was I my own marketing manager, I was the business manager, and the CFO, and the person who cleaned the office, too!)

So I took everything I was learning that applied to larger businesses, and created a simplified version of a marketing plan that was practical and applicable to my one-person business. I then shared this marketing planning guide with my clients and found that it was scalable -- if they had zero employees or 15 employees, this marketing planning process still worked for them.

I'm happy to share this marketing planning process with you. Here's to your success!

You get instant access to this great downloadable audio learning program, and the workbook, for just $27!Click Here To Buy Now Button

What Clients Say...

Nancy Wells

Great class! Lots of information structured to develop your marketing plan as you learn, while getting great information from an expert!

—Nancy Wells
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What Clients Say...

Marcy Stahl

I have taken multiple classes with Karyn. All of them provided in-depth content, delivered clearly and with Karyn's trademark good humor. I always get great value from her classes. The Marketing Plan class has helped me get serious about clearly defining different product offerings and when I'll market them and to whom. This class clearly laid out the path I need to follow to be successful.

—Marcy Stahl