Designing Effective Workshops

Designing Effective Workshops, Teleclasses and Webinars

Increase your income teaching what you know.

Program Overview

A good training workshop design allows:

  • students to learn with ease
  • teachers to speak with skill, comfort and centeredness
  • both to build a trusting business relationship which can continue long after the class ends

For many years, I was the International Director of Education for a software company and creating new educational classes was what my team did, day in and day out.

I have studied the structure, process, and psychology of good adult educational design and am happy to share my knowledge with you and to help you create an outstanding class for your own students!

You Will Learn

In this self-paced learning program, you will learn:

  • the psychology of how adults learn
  • how to design a structured, multidimensional workshop or teleclass
  • how to construct lessons and lesson plans for optimum student learning
  • the art of creating powerful exercises
  • how to discover the needs of your students
  • how to make your lessons interactive so adults won't be bored
  • how to conduct post-class evaluations to give you valuable feedback

Come with your ideas and questions, and walk away with a class design of your own, ready to teach!

Four Bonuses!

Designing Effective Workshops & Teleclasses eBook
  1. You'll get access to my private Student Website, where you'll get even more information and resources on all aspects of designing great workshops and teleclasses. You'll have access to the private Student Website and all the class material for 6 months.
  2. A copy of my popular ebook which is the basis of this online learning program: Designing Effective Workshops & Teleclasses. This ebook is no longer available anywhere else!
  3. Personal input from me on your homework assignments (your evolving lesson plan). Apply what you learn in each lesson, submit it to me via our online message forum in the private Student Website, and I'll review it, giving comments and feedback.
  4. A copy of our audio program and transcript from our How We Did It interview. In this interview, Aly and I share with you how we converted a live class into a self-study program.


What Students Say...

Claudia Heilbrunn, CTACC

Karyn Greenstreet's 'Designing Effective Workshops' program was well worth my money and time. The class was jam-packed with the information that I needed to create a workshop that fit my target market's needs. By the end of the program, I had a completed an instructive, thought provoking, and fun workshop for new moms! My workshop has clear objectives, individual lesson plans, group and individual exercises, warm-ups and more. The best part of Karyn's program was her feedback: every week I got to show her my work on the message forum and she promptly replied with a helpful critique of my work. This program is a great investment for anyone who wants to improve or create a workshop or class!

—Claudia Heilbrunn, CTACC
Claudia Ink Tutoring

Lesson Agenda

  • Lesson 1 - Introduction
  • Lesson 2 - Step 1: Conducting Needs Assessment
  • Lesson 3 - Step 2: Creating a Workshop Goal And Lesson Objectives
  • Lesson 4 - How Adults Learn
  • Lesson 5 - Step 3: Writing Lesson Plans
  • Lesson 6 - Step 4: Making It Interactive – Introductions & Ice Breakers
  • Lesson 7 - Step 4: Making It Interactive – Discussion Questions
  • Lesson 8 - Step 5: Designing Exercises
  • Lesson 9 – The 8 Steps to Designing an Exercise
  • Lesson 10 - Step 6: Ending Your Workshop
  • Lesson 11 - Conclusion
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Tons of Resources

In addition to the audio, video and text lesson files, you'll also have access to a huge Resource area on the private student website, where you'll find:

  • Tips sheets and handouts ranging from blank Lesson Plan forms to tips on using icebreakers effectively.
  • Links to articles, videos and websites for further learning.
  • Suggested books to use for ideas and references.
  • Audios and videos the teach you how to do market research for your class design.


This workshop is offered via a self-paced learning format.

You have access to each lesson in three formats: video, audio and written transcript. Use whichever way you like to learn best, or use all three delivery methods for optimal learning!

You can stream the audio and video live to your computer, tablet or mobile device, or download the files for later review.

Note that some mobile devices may block downloading of audio or video files using the default browser, while still allowing you to stream the audio or video. You can install a web browser that allows downloads from the App Store appropriate to your mobile device. Or simply download the files to your computer first and then sync with your mobile device.

What Students Say...

Frank Scarpaci

For anyone considering developing an effective workshop, teleclass, or any type of training presentation, I highly recommend taking your Designing Effective Workshops program first!

I had been asked to design and deliver project management workshop for nonprofits recently. My challenge was taking such a broad subject and condensing it down into a four hour workshop. Not an easy task in such a short amount of time!

If it wasn't for your Designing Effective Workshops program, I can honestly say it would never have been able to pull this workshop off and get the high marks I received from my workshop participants. I can't wait to begin designing my next workshop!

—Frank Scarpaci

About The Instructor

Karyn Greenstreet

Hi, I'm Karyn Greenstreet, a small business consultant and self-employment expert, and I run a school for self-employed small business owners.

I have been designing and teaching classes for 25 years and have taught over 270,000 students worldwide. I've taken everything I know about instructional design and put it in this program for you.


Registration Fees (In US Dollars)

$169 for this self-paced training program, which includes 6 months access to all materials and resources.


How To Register

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What Students Say...

DiAnne Arbour

Karyn, this is one of the best classes I have taken. Your material is extremely well organized and presented. I found the needs assessment very helpful and appreciated the resources that can simplify the process. Conducting an assessment is a great pre-marketing tool, as well as making sure the workshop is targeted to a need. I also benefited from the easy-to-use format for putting together a lesson plan.

—DiAnne Arbour
The Leaders Studio

What Students Say...

Julie Cohen, PCC

Thanks for presenting a fantastic class. You shared all of the pieces required for creating a class or workshop, and you role-modeled by giving us such a valuable and well-designed class. I feel I now have the tools and greater confidence to complete the classes I've been wanting to offer to my network. Thanks also for being so available to support us during the class. It was great to have your personal input with our homework!

—Julie Cohen, PCC
Career & Personal Coach
Owner, Julie Cohen Coaching

What Students Say...

Carol McKenzie

You have empowered me to go from a great idea in my head to creating something new with what I love to do - share my passion and my gift for organizing through interaction with others. It feels amazing! Knowledge is power - and your teleclass on Designing Effective Teleclasses & Workshops has enabled me to add services, value and revenue to my business and enjoy the reputation of being the definitive source for organizing in my area. Thank you, Karyn!

—Carol McKenzie, CPO
The Last Detail

What Students Say...

Cindy Hillsey, CPC, ACC

I can’t recommend the Designing Effective Workshops + Teleclasses class highly enough! I have a lot of ideas for teleclasses, but I could never seem to bring all the pieces together. As a result, I never did anything. Karyn’s class changed all that for me! I now have the ‘missing piece’ – a template for how to effectively hold a teleclass. This template is gold. Now I can confidently go forward with my ideas knowing that I’ll be presenting them in a way that is cohesive, fun, and most importantly provides the learning experience my clients are looking for. Thank you, Karyn!

—Cindy Hillsey, CPC, ACC