Writing a Three-Page Business Plan That Sizzles

A business without a plan is like a house without a blueprint.

If you're a self-employed small business owner, and you're not writing a business plan in order to get a loan or venture capital, then you don't need to write a 40 page business plan full of chart, graphs and financial information.

Writing a 40 page business plan wastes your time and complicates something that’s a straight-forward process.

Instead, learn a new way to synchronize your thoughts and goals into a 3-page business plan that will catapult you into the greatest future you and your business can have!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Crafting your mission statement
  • Choosing a legal format
  • Identifying your primary products and services
  • Discovering your target audience
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You will also learn:

  • Creating a vision for your future business
  • Setting your business goals and milestones
  • Choosing your brand and image Comparing your business with your competition
  • Determining your overall marketing strategy
  • Calculating revenue and expense forecasts

Plus a PDF handout with resources just for you.

In addition to the downloadable audio training program, you'll also receive an Business Planning Workbook in PDF format.

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What Students Say...

Jean Kripton

Karyn, your Business Planning class was great and very informative. After 20 years in business, your class was a great recap for me and also a reminder of what it takes to keep it going. Wish that I would have had your type of classes 20 years ago when I was just getting off the ground. Keep up your classes - because your passion for business is definitely helping and assisting businesses!

—Jean Kripton
Legal and Corporate Staffing
Jean Kripton, Inc.

What Students Say...

Carol Moncrief

In the past, I've really struggled with creating my Business Plan. I didn't need a plan for financing but felt it to be a good idea just to know the direction of my business. The task seemed so overwhelming and I have to admit that I never really put a decent plan on paper.

After taking Karyn's teleclass on Business Planning, I learned that I wasn't alone and the real task is much easier than I imagined. As she walked volunteer participants through the steps, I was able to quickly "fill in the blanks" for my own business. Before the class ended an hour later, I had an outline that was easy to expand into my Business Plan and clearly set goals for my business growth in the future.

—Carol Moncrief
The Web Marketing Studio

Passion For Business Logo

What Students Say...

Dr. Lisa Turner

It is critical that small businesses begin with a plan and right tools. Karyn's business planning teleclass allowed me to refine my branding, goals, and marketing strategy, resulting in getting the new business from paper to reality in half the time.

—Dr. Lisa Turner
Turner Business Services

What Students Say...

Susan Henderson

This Business Planning teleclass was enormously helpful to me. Although I have been in business for myself for 8+ years, I was still carrying my business plan mostly in my head and on scattered scraps of paper. I believed I would have to spend hours putting one together. Boy, was I wrong. Karyn teaches you how to get your plan out of your head and on paper using her simple, but extremely effective Three-Page Business Planning Guide. With the clarity I gained, I am thrilled to say my business is growing more smoothly and steadily.

—Susan Henderson
Susan Henderson Coaching/Consulting
for Creative Multipreneurs