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Setting and Raising Your Fees

Setting and Raising Your Fees

Learn the smart way for setting and raising product prices and service fees.

  • How to set your fees and prices for one-on-one services, group programs, classes, products, and mastermind groups
  • The psychology of pricing
  • Whether to put your service fees on your website
  • How and when to raise your fees
  • How to talk with your existing clients about your new fee structure

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B2B Marketing:  What's Working Now

Business-to-Business Marketing:
What's Working Now

The face of business-to-business (B2B) marketing is changing quickly. In this webinar, Karyn Greenstreet shares with you the most effective marketing techniques to find and contact prospective small business and corporate clients.

Learn about the hottest trends to position your brand and engage your audience. Discover how to reach a business/corporate audience better and faster, and integrate your marketing techniques into a solid marketing plan that gets results.

Length: 51 minutes | Get the Webinar

Speed Up Growth: Start a Mastermind Group

Speed Up Growth: Start a Mastermind Group

The popularity of mastermind groups is growing as people just like you are creating success through brainstorming with your peers, solving problems, generating creative ideas, designing strong action plans, and holding each other accountable.

Come learn how starting a mastermind group enhances your personal and professional life. And don't forget: You can facilitate mastermind groups for your customers as an added value to them and a revenue stream for you.

Length: 66 minutes | Get the Webinar

Ebooks, Toolkits & Self-Assessments

The 10 Biggest Marketing Mistakes & How To Fix them

The 10 Biggest Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

We all make marketing mistakes. Here is how to spot marketing mistakes and correct them before they hurt your business.

These insights and tips will help you get your marketing back on track, and stop you from making some serious, major marketing mistakes in the future.

37 pages | Get the Ebook

Take the Leap & Grow Your Business Self-Assesment

Are You Ready to Take the Leap and Grow Your Business? A Self-Assessment Checklist

Starting a business, or taking it to the next level, is a major decision. Are you ready?

Don't rush into making a decision quickly. Take an hour to answer all these questions for yourself, determining where you are ready and where you are not.

5 pages | Get the Ebook

Discover The Missing Link

Discover The Missing Link

79% of the small business owners and solo entrepreneurs aren't ready to buy.

Unless you design your marketing to capture these "just looking" leads, you could be losing hundreds, if not thousands of perfect customers every year.

Stop wasting your marketing mojo and start marketing to your prospects based on where they are in the buying cycle!

51 pages | Get the Ebook

Email Marketing Toolkit

Email Marketing Toolkit

Free resources to help with your email marketing.
Two eBooks and one audio.

Trigger Words that Spam Filters Eat

7 pages

3 Subject Line Formulas for Non-Copywriters

6 pages

A Dozen Ways to Build Your Mailing List

Length: 21:25

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