John Gontowicz

Internet Security for the Self Employed

Teleclass with guest John Gontowicz

Top Internet Security Tips for Small Businesses:

  • Know who you are dealing with on line (off-line as well).
  • Protect your personal information. It’s valuable.
  • Install and use protective software, and install a firewall to stop unauthorized access to your computer.
  • Protect yourself from harmful e-mails and minimize spam.
  • Back up your data.
  • Create effective passwords.
  • Keep your software up-to-date.
  • Make sure your online money transactions are secure.
  • Learn what to do if something goes wrong.
  • Protect your children on line.
  • Protect Your Social Security Number.
  • Check your personal credit reports for free.
  • What are the Security Threats to my Business?
  • Criminals want to get your business data and information. They do this by:
  • Introducing viruses to destroy your records or computer.
  • Intercepting financial transactions, steal credit card information and customer data.
  • Mimicking your identity and pretend to be you.
  • Installing malicious software, called spyware to track what you are doing on-line.
  • Taking over your web site and modify it.
  • Using your Internet connection for their use.
  • Phishing emails to steal your business or personal data.
  • Not taking responsibility for your customers or business data.
  • Employee fraud and theft.
  • Businesses and consumers not protecting themselves off-line which is where the majority of identity thefts happen.


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Websites and Software That John Referred to in this Class:

About John Gontowicz

Visit John's website:

John Gontowicz has been in the personal computer field since 1978. John started using the TRS-80 from Radio Shack where he was manager of one of the first Tandy Computer Centers in the country.

After his career of selling computers to consumers and companies, John worked as a trainer and taught hand-on classes on the computer operating system, software applications, Internet Safety, Purchasing PCs and instructing teachers how to present computer training materials to their students.

John is also familiar with networking, PC repair, data communications, networking, and technical support. In his current position, John’s manages a group of technical support personnel with over 110,000 customers. John is a member of the Help Desk Institute. He also does presentations to companies, churches, non-profit organizations and schools on Internet Safety and Identity Theft, How to Buy a PC, home networking, as well as any Microsoft Office applications.

John wrote the book “Computers 101: The Questions You Were Afraid to Ask” to address the common questions that everyone asks at one time or another. There are over 200 questions answered in the book including:

  • My PC is running slow, what should I do?
  • Should I buy a new PC or just Upgrade?
  • I just purchased a PC, how do I get started?
  • I am a novice - what does JPEG, DOS, Bitmap mean?
  • How do I eliminate Viruses?
  • How can I use the Internet to find information?
  • What is Spyware?
  • Why is an Anti-Virus program important?
  • And the list goes on.

His latest release is a combination of printed book and videos on CD showing you step-by-step how to keep your computer running like new and protecting your self on line. His latest release is called: Keep Your Computer Running Longer, Stronger, and Faster - The easy, how-to guide for the average PC user.

John has a bi-weekly newsletter anyone can subscribe to by sending an e-mail to Any questions can be sent to:

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