My Favorite (Office) Things: Post-It Dispensers

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I wanted to share with you some of the office supply items I use — especially those items I use daily (almost hourly) and make my work day easier.

Today’s favorite: Post-It Pop-Up Dispensers.

I’m always losing my small pads of post-it notes. They get lost under other papers, or get pushed behind the desk. Then when I finally clean up my desk, I find a half-dozen of these pads scattered about.

Solution: Dispenser.

These are regular Post-It notes, in a weighted dispenser you can keep on your desk. You purchase special pop-up post-it note paper to put in the dispenser, and whenever you need a Post-It note, there it is! It never falls off the desk and it never gets lost among the papers.

It’s an inexpensive solution to one of life’s little annoyances. You can purchase them at

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My Favorite (Office) Things: Wireless Phone Headset

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When I first started coaching, I bought a telephone headset so that I could speak with clients while still taking notes.

Five years ago I graduated from a wired phone headset to a wireless phone headset… freedom at last!

Now when I speak with clients on the phone, or teach a teleclass, I can get up and move around. Not just around my office either: my cordless headset will reach all the way out to the mailbox, 165 feet from my telephone base!

My preferred model is the Jabra (GN Netcom) GN9350. I can talk for hours on one charge of the battery and the sound is crystal-clear. This is especially important for teleclasses, as the quality of the teleclass recording is directly related to the quality of the microphone on your headset. Plus, there is no static or interference from other computer or electrical equipment.

Shop around for these cordless phone headsets, as prices vary. Try a shopping comparison site, like Yahoo Shopping or Shopzilla, to compare prices and find well-rated vendors.

Also be aware that some phone headsets are for Internet-based (PC) phones only, so read the description carefully.

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