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Back in 1998, I wrote an article entitled, “Creating Your Reality, Manifesting Your Dreams.”

So many people that I’ve spoken with in the past month are echoing these questions about how to create the life you want, so I decided to republish the article here.


It has been said that nothing in the world has ever been created without a thought initiating the process. Thomas Edison made hundreds of attempts at the light bulb before he found success. When asked why he kept persevering, he replied, “For each attempt that failed and was discarded, it put me one step closer to the one experiment that would succeed.” For each thought, each belief, that created a reality that wasn’t quite right, a new thought took its place, creating a better reality.

We’ve all heard of these success-from-failure stories and they often help to motivate us to try our personal best, to keep persevering. But how can we keep trying in the face of overwhelming odds? How do we get past the negative beliefs, the distractions, the lack of support from our family and friends? What can we do when we’re tired of trying? What if we don’t know what our soul wants?

Your thoughts do create your reality, and in learning to modify your old, entrenched thought patterns, you can modify your reality. There are three ways to modify our thoughts. First, changing your attitudes and beliefs about your current reality often shifts your focus and awareness so that you can begin to find peace in your life. Second, creating an image or thought of the new reality you want to create and keep that in focus as you go about your day. Third, through psychotherapy, gain insight into the birth of the thought and heal it.

Setting Priorities

The first step in creating your own reality is to determine which reality you’re looking for. Often we don’t reach our dreams because we never have a clear idea of what dreams are the most important to us. What is it you want most in this lifetime? Vital good health? A loving and supportive mate? Success in your business or career? A nice home? Spiritual enlightenment? Freedom from emotional turmoil? An opportunity to study with a master?


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