Think Big…Really, Really BIG

Posted by on Jun 29 2009

Whilst sitting on the ferry boat to Ellis Island yesterday, what do I see but “Le Grand Bleu,” a one of the largest private yachts in the world!  (And yes, that is a speed boat AND a sail boat sitting  inside the deck of  Le Grand Bleu.)

Sheesh! Just the other day my husband and I were saying, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little sailboat here at our lake?” Now that I’ve seen Le Grand Bleu, my vision for what’s possible is shifting, growing, leaping and bounding!

Small business owners by their very nature are big thinkers. So it’s not that we think too small; it’s that, sometimes, we don’t know what’s even possible until we see it in front of our faces. Open your eyes, look around. But don’t be envious when someone is doing what you want to do or has what you want to have.

Whether it’s Le Grand Bleu, or a TV show staring one of your competitors,  or a guru with less experience than you who gets a publishing deal or a big speaking gig… instead of being envious of others who’ve made it, or who have what you want, thank them for opening your eyes up to a new level of possibility.

(So I’m sending a “thank you” to Eugene Shvidler, current owner of Le Grand Bleu. You’ve opened my eyes to the possible.)


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