We’ve Moved to a New (Blog) Home

Posted by on Jul 29 2008

Good news!

We have moved our blog location to a new home!

All my past blog entries have been moved to the new blog home, re-categorized for easy reading, and I’ve also included a “search” feature so you can find the information you need.

A few months ago, I decided to move my blog from Blogger to a WordPress blog hosted on my own website. Part of the reason was because I can backup a blog on my own website (it hard to do this when your blog is hosted on the blog software’s site). Also, Blogger’s Terms of Service sometimes conflict with what you want on your blog and you can’t take the risk of having Blogger canceling your blog. Finally, I get more SEO bang-for-the-buck by having my blog on my own domain than having it on another domain.



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