Business Goals: START with Your Emotions

Posted by on May 27 2013

I’m watching a series of Tony Robbins videos on YouTube, and he asked a great question:

“If you could achieve a goal that would really, really excite you… that would bring you a full sense of joy, ecstasty, personal achievement…that would bring you to the heights of creativity and the depths of your spirituality…would create more love and security in your life…what would it be?”

What he’s getting at, which we all know (but sometimes forget), is that our goals are always tied to some emotion we want more of in our lives. But I found when I was setting my business goals for this year, I was ignoring the emotion that would also be achieved, and therefore my goal list wasn’t as interesting to me as I thought it should be.

In fact, it bored me.

Wowsa! Insight!

So I turned it around, and asked: What emotions would I like to have more of this year?

Bing, bang, zoom!

All of a sudden, I knew the business goals that would excite me, the goals I wanted to reach, because I went underneath them to see that what I really wanted MORE of this year was:

  • A sense of personal achievement…that I had done better than my best…that I had grown as a person, tapped a higher level of my potential
  • A feeling that I was really, truly helping people achieve the business dreams and goals they have…both from the motivational aspect AND from the practical “how to” aspect
  • A feeling of empowerment…both for myself and for the people I come in contact with…that I was surrounded by a “Yes, you can do it!” energy that I shared with others daily
  • A sense of touching the greatness of the world we live in…spiritually, physically, emotionally, humanly
  • A feeling of being acknolwedged for my contributions to the world…yes, I need applause  🙂
  • A sense that I’m breaking out of my own self-made traps and creating true freedom of thought and action

Now, when I write my business goals for this year, they’re coming much more quickly, more fluidly.

How cool is that?


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3 Responses to “Business Goals: START with Your Emotions”

  1. The Tony Robbins is superb on every topic.
    One thing is also want to say “Goal is Success” without it you cannot achieve success.

    12 Jun 2013 at 8:07 am

  2. Starting with emotion is soooo powerful. What an insightful and inspiring way to re-evaluate your goals.

    14 Jul 2013 at 10:44 pm

  3. Karyn Greenstreet

    Hi, Jessica, great to hear from you!

    When you’re self-employed, how you feel about your business is just as important as concrete tactical goals like revenue or number of clients. If $500K a year won’t make you feel happy, satisfied, successful or proud, what’s the point in doing setting a goals like that?


    14 Jul 2013 at 11:07 pm

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