The Vote Is In – How You Like to Learn

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THANK YOU to everyone who responded to our survey, How Do You Prefer to Learn? I appreciate the feedback about how you prefer to learn new information, skills and ideas.

I think these results will be helpful to you if you are creating any boot camps, classes or teleclasses in the next 12 months. This information is also helpful if you’re creating information products: books, ebooks, audio and video.

Here’s what you had to say about the ways you like to learn.

The first question was about whether people liked to learn on their own, or whether they liked to learn with an instructor:

With a teacher in a classroom/teleclass setting – 42.3%
With a teacher, one-on-one – 26%
At my own pace – 32%

The second question was, specifically, which learning techniques do you most use. (Note: people could vote for more than one way they liked to learn, so the numbers don’t tally to 100%):

I like to learn by reading a book or ebook – 70.4%
I like to learn by listening to audio (CD or MP3) – 60.3%
I like to learn by watching a video/DVD – 31%
I like to learn in a teleclass with an instructor – 54.7%
I like to learn at a live event (1-2 hours) – 30.2%
I like to learn at a live event (full weekend) – 12.3%
I like to learn by one-on-one mentoring – 46.4%

I hope this information is helpful to you!

If you didn’t get a chance to take the survey, or if you’d like to see how I worded the survey so that you can ask your own students similar questions, you can see the survey here.

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