Is Word-of-Mouth Too Passive to Be Effective?

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If you’ve been anywhere around the Internet in the past five years or so, you would have heard about the internet equivalent to word-of-mouth advertising: viral marketing.

Lots of people love the idea of word-of-mouth and viral marketing because it doesn’t require a lot of work. Just ask people to talk about you, right?


Word-of-mouth marketing and viral marketing take work. You have to give them something to talk about. In fact, you have to give them something SO SPECTACULAR that they can’t help talking about it.

People are busy. They’re distracted and stressed. They rarely have small talk with others where they say, “Golly, I got this great free ebook the other day! Here’s the website. Go get a copy for yourself.” (When was the last time YOU were chatting with your best friend and told her about an ebook you just downloaded?)

If you want to use word-of-mouth and viral marketing in your marketing campaign, then plan for it in a big way. Do something really cool. Do something that stands out in the crowd. Better yet, do something that draws a crowd, like this magician levitating in front of a building.

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