Why Marketing Fails #7: Not Tracking Success and Failure

Posted by on Jul 22 2015

You MUST have a way to measure the results of all your marketing. Tracking the success or failure of a marketing techniques solves the age-old question of “Which marketing techniques should I use?”

For instance:

  • When you posted an status update on Facebook, did it increase traffic to your website?
  • When you sent out your last email broadcast, did it produce sales?
  • When you wrote your last blog entry, did it produce comments, shares¬†or link backs?
  • When you did SEO on your website, did it increase your rankings in the search engine results?
  • When you made your free offer, did people subscribe to your mailing list?

Never, never start a new marketing technique without having a clear idea of what result you want from that technique, and a way to measure those results.

And at the end of each month take a look at those results and compare them to the results you wanted. Just because something produced poor results doesn’t mean you should give it the heave-ho. The first thing you should do it see if there are tweaks you could make that would produce better marketing results. Only after repeated failure should you get rid of a technique that is not producing for you.

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