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The Little Book on Meaning

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Laura Berman Fortgang has a new book!  “The Little Book on Meaning: Why We Crave It, How We Create It” comes out today and it’s exactly what we need in our lives right now.

From “In The Little Book on Meaning, Fortgang reveals that while our hunger for a “meaningful” life can be enormous, our desire for meaning is usually satiated by small, bite-size morsels of meaning—the little, almost incidental events or “achievements” that comprise the fabric of our lives. According to Fortgang, meaning is where you look for it and through tenderly drawn stories from her own life and the lives of those around her, she shows readers how they too can peek around corners to discover the small elements of their lives that truly matter.”

Laura is launching the book TODAY, so buy your copy now!  🙂

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I Can Tell the Economy is Getting Better

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Like a dog on the scent, I keep my nose to the ground, looking for signs of a strengthening or weakening economy. I’m not looking at large, macro, worldwide events, but instead using my own eyes and ears to determine how the average person is reacting to things.

All around me I’m seeing signs of economic life:

  • In the past month, whenever we go to restaurants (even on the traditionally slow restaurant days), the places are crowded. Not as crowded as they were a year ago, with lines snaking out the door, but tables are full and waitstaff is bustling.
  • Where I am seeing lines form is at the movies. In January and February, you could walk through the door and right up to the ticket window. Not so anymore. Short lines, but lines none the less.
  • I keep close track of people who steal my website text for their own websites. Over the past six months, the instances of plagiarism had decreased, but within the past month I’m seeing a resurgence. This means people are creating new websites, which is a good sign. The fact that they’re comfortable stealing someone else’s text to promote their own business tells me they won’t be in business for long with low ethics and lack of creativity and skill leading them to their demise.
  • I’m getting many more calls for coaching and consulting. People are understandably cautious on finding just the right person to help them with their dreams and challenges, but once they find the right fit, they’re willing to invest in growing their businesses. Month over month, I’m seeing a 10% increase in revenue for the past three months.
  • My clients are also reporting a small uptick in revenue, and more prospect calls.

Could it be a thawing economy? I hope so!

What does this mean for you? Keep your eyes and ears open, make sure all your systems are in place, and make sure you’re ready for an upswing in business. Now is the time to clean out your office, get a filing system in place (AND everything filed away properly), create intake forms for customer information, and generally automate your office and financial systems. In this way you’ll be ready when the surge begins instead of getting caught with your systems in disarray.

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Never, Never Let Someone Tell You That You Can’t Have What You Want

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Have you seen this wonderful, funny, inspiring video on YouTube yet?

Meet Susan Boyle, a 47-year old woman from “a collection of villages” in Scotland. Everyone in the audience of Britian’s Got Talent laughed at her when she said she wanted to be a successful singer. By the end of her performance, they were cheering and crying and giving her a standing ovation:

This same thing happened in 2007, when Paul Potts took the stage. I wrote about it here in my blog and you can watch his triumphant performance and be inspired as well.

These two people show us one very important trait that we should culivate: they didn’t let others tell them “You can’t do that” or “You can’t have what you want in life.” They took the bull by the horns and shouted to the world, “I have something to share with the world and I’m not going to rest until I get what I want!”

What do YOU want?  Go out and get it! Don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way.

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Why Do People Unsubscribe?

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According to MarketingSherpa research at their latest Email Summit, “Inbox Clutter” isn’t the real reason people unsubscribe from your mailings. The top two real reasons people unsubscribe from your ezine or mailing list is:

  1. Emails weren’t relevant to me.
  2. Received too many emails from the sender.

MarketingSherpa goes on to say, “The top two answers both speak to the importance of the individual relationship between emailer and recipient. They identify relevance and campaign-level frequency as the top reasons for opting-out or simply ignoring a sender’s email.”

Here’s a chart from MarketingSherpa outlining their results:

Unsubscribe reasons

How can you know whether your emails are relevant to your recipient, or whether you are sending emails too often?  Ask. Do a survey and ask them what topics they’d like to hear more about, and how often they’d like to receive mailings from you.

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