A Little At a Time

Posted by on Feb 20 2017

Many small business owners feel overwhelmed with what they have to do and the time constraints they have for accomplishing both big goals and everyday tasks.

I heard an interview with Zack Hample (who wrote a book about baseball). Zack has a 203 pound rubber band ball in his home. The interviewer asked Zack if he was obsessive. Zack replies,

“I started working on that thing when I was four. So we’re talking about decades here, and it’s not like I work on it every day. Sometimes I’ll add a pound a day for a week, then I won’t touch it for a year. So, you know, you work on something for a few decades, it’s going to be BIG and CRAZY if you stick with it.”

Building a business, building your dream, will take time and tenacity. But if you really want it, work on it a little every day with the knowledge that it will become what you want in time.


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  1. Tiffanie Battram

    I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this. It made me laugh, I had to go back and read it a second time to make sure I read it right– “a 203lbs rubber band ball” — holy moly that is huge! But more importantly it reminded me about perseverance and just one step forward makes all the difference compared to standing still.
    I am also new to your website and am having fun exploring. I wanted to share with you a podcast series I have been listening too and thought others might enjoy. “A Conversation Among Friends” by BobOlmsteadInk.com it’s a series by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs. It’s really helped me focus business efforts and motivation when times get tough. I’d love to hear your thoughts because I have gotten so much from it. Either way, thanks for the 203lbs rubber band determination imagery!! 🙂

    23 Feb 2017 at 1:15 am

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