What’s Your Intention?

Posted by on Oct 03 2011

I went to a professional video techniques workshop this weekend with Rick Toone and Ken McArthur. They focused on the importance of planning in creating video as a marketing tool for your business, being strategic in your intention forĀ  the purpose of each scene, the overall message of your video, and what will you do with it.

I know I harp on strategy and planning a lot, but bear with me as I harp on it some more. What Ken and Rick were talking about regarding creating videos for your business applies to every thing you do to market your business. Some people enjoy writing blog posts or creating videos to market their businesses. Some people enjoy public speaking and networking to market their businesses. But before you get your hands and head into your next marketing project, ask why you’re doing it: who are you trying to attract, what are you trying to say to them, what you want them to think and feel as they interact with your marketing technique, and what you want them to do afterwards.

But don’t forget the biggest why of all: Why are YOU doing this particular marketing technique?

I’m speaking on Wednesday to a group of women entrepreneurs at the Women’s Business Forum. Before I write that speech, before I haul myself out of bed before the sun rises, before I stand in front of an expectant group of business owners and talk about the psychology of marketing to women, I have to think long and hard about my personal intentions for this program.

Sure I want to educate them and introduce myself to them…that’s a given, a basic necessity, the bottom-floor reason why I’m doing it. I have always deeply admired what the Women’s Business Forum is doing: as a non-profit organization, they empower female small business owners to succeed by offering free educational programs and mastermind groups. Giving 1-hour and 4-hour workshops to this group, free of charge, is my way of contributing to the magic that is the WBF. I’ll do it as often as they invite me to do it.

It’s not my intention that someone walks away from my presentation on Wednesday and says, “Gosh, I can’t wait to hire Karyn for thousands of dollars!” (I won’t say no if they do…I also have an intention for earning a large income from my coaching and consulting business. :)) But if one person walks away with a little more knowledge, a great marketing technique, a brilliant way of looking at their business through a different lens, I’ve done my job.

Of course I’ve planned out my speech. Of course I’ve planned out my wardrobe. Of course I’ve loaded up with business cards. The most important implementation I’ve done is to stop and ask myself: Why are you giving this particular speech, on this particular day, to this particular group?

Strategic thinking starts with self-knowledge.



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