Why People Need You

Posted by on Jan 14 2010

Heard a great quote from CopyBlogger for all of us who speak and teach and write: “We’re valuable precisely because we can cut through the noise and give them only what’s useful and relevant to them.”

Sometimes I think, “Everyone knows what I know!” There is so much free information on the internet, it can get disheartening when you’re trying to create a profitable business. Then I remember: it’s BECAUSE there’s so much free information that people can’t cope with the quantity of it…and they NEED us to synthesize it, distill it, and give it back to them in practical, simple terms.

A friend and colleague said to me, “I often say I offer a shortcut and I’m able to share what works and more importantly what doesn’t.”

It used to be that people couldn’t get access to all this information easily, so they needed us. Now they have too much information, and still need us.


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  1. This is a great reminder for me. Now people need us, maybe even more! There is sooo much info out there, but who has time to weed through it? So us “experts” weed through our own patch so our clients don’t have to.

    18 Jan 2010 at 7:13 pm

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